Project: The CMYK (Creative Manual for Your Knowledge) serves as a centralized resource, providing efficient access to a vast array of information essential for the PDT (Product and Design Team) daily operations, whether accessed digitally or in its physical form, streamlining processes and enhancing overall productivity.Inspired by the vibrant and energetic tones of the CMYK colors, the layout bursts with boldness and creativity, capturing the viewer's attention and igniting their imagination.
As a publication designer specializing in government reports, I loved the opportunity to push beyond traditional SSA design constraints and craft a unique and engaging experience for the CMYK. (Creative Manual for Your Knowledge) Drawing inspiration from the CYMK color palette, we successfully created a colorful and fun guide, while still meeting all the requirements of a government document.
CMYK booklet, print version
CMYK booklet, print version, chapter 1.1: The PDT Team
CMYK booklet, print version, chapter 3.5: SSTV and HQTV
CMYK booklet, web version, chapter 1.1: The PDT team
CMYK factsheet: PDT staff and services
CMYK, web, PDT newsletter
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